BAPC 2010
Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest 2010, Leiden


This year the BAPC will take place in Leiden and is organised by study association De Leidsche Flesch from Leiden University.

BAPC2010 Committee:
  • Praeses: Jacob Boon
  • Ab-actis: Rinse Kappetein
  • Quaestor: Jeroen van Splunder
  • Assessor promotion: Lucas van der Meer
  • Assessor system 1: Swier Heeres
  • Assessor system 2: Erwin Haas
  • Assessor system 3: Mathijs van de Nes

Contact us.

Our Jury committee is responsible for the problem sets and judging the BAPC2010. Our System committee is responsible for getting and keeping the systems up and running.

A lot of other students will help during the contest as crew.

Together we will make sure the Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest 2010 will be a great event!