BAPC 2010
Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest 2010, Leiden


The content has ended!

Added by Jacob on Wednesday November 3, 23.45 pm.

BAPC 2010 has come to an end. First of all it's a big 'Congratulations!' to team Joy for winning! As the only team to succesfully solve 7 of the 10 problems, they were the clear winners of this years Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest. Now the teams that will be advanced to NWERC must prepare for an even greater challenge...

If you weren't there but do want to know how much fun it was, or if you want to reminisce and relive some of your experiences of the 23rd, check out the great collection of photos!

For those who want to check out the complete problem-set with the solutions form the Jury can check here. Also, teams that wish to receive their homedir from the contest (with all their solutions in it) can mail to mathijs [at] de

BAPC has started

Added by Lucas on Saturday October 23, 11.15 am.

BAPC has started! At this time, the test round has finished succesfully and the contestents are having lunch. Our live scoreboard is available here.

Today is the day

Added by Lucas on Saturday October 23, 00.40 am.

Today is the day! Are you just as excited as the organizing committee, jury and crew? We are sure it will be great! See you today at Plexus student center.

Program booklet available

Addes by Lucas on Wednesday October 20, 4.15 pm.

The program booklet is finished and available on the website. You can download it here!

All food will be free

Added by Lucas on Wednesday October 20, 4.00 pm.

During the day, all food for participants and spectator teams will be free! Signing up for food is not necessary.

Registration is opened

Added by Lucas on Saturday October 16, 1.55 pm.

From now on, regsitration is possible. Please visit the registration page for more information.

Preliminary problems are online

Added by Lucas on Sunday October 5, 0.10 am.

All problems, test data and solutions are uploaded and can be found here.

Preliminaries have started

Added by Erwin on Saturday October 4, 2.00 pm.
Online scoreboards: (external links; some might be inactive)